Kajuru Castle: Say hello to paradise


Located at about 45 kilometres from Kaduna on the Southern Kachia road is the Local Government of Kajuru. Right there in the local government it’s a Castle that was built by a German. Contrary to speculations, the Kajuru Castle located in Kaduna is not an ancient monument. Interestingly, it was built in 1978 by a controversial German expatriate who lived in Kaduna at the time. This breathtaking architectural master-piece is a tourist wonder of sorts. The style is very European and clearly German with a baronial hall, complete with suits of amour. Who could have imagined seeing such a magnificent sight in Nigeria and in Kaduna to be precise? Who would have thought that something like this exists in this side of the world? At first when you sight this beautiful building you will think your eyes are deceiving you, but guess what? They are not.

This exclusive villa includes a guest tower of 4 rooms, looking like dungeons and several towers with crenulated walls. A central building with an authentic knight’s hall and a master suite (landlord’s residence) as well as a dragon tower can also be found there. Beware; there are also, the crocodiles in a pit protecting the huge castle like gates! The views of the surrounding mountains and fascinating Inselbergs are simply enthralling and terrific and obviously why it was built there. The castle is made up of a magnificent large stainless steel swimming pool that makes the hot days more pleasant. The BBQ spot beside the pool offers a wide range of grilling, baking, roasting and barbecuing opportunities.  There is also a well equipped kitchen (it is self-catering for those who can gain entry). It is Private Property, and entry to this place is not so easy. You will need to have permission from a German lady (some say a dragon) who looks after the place. Pictures cannot do justice to this magnificent building until you visit it and see for it. This place can serve as a honeymoon spot for newlyweds and even serve as a place for you to go and relax with your family and friends. Do spend a lot going abroad, because right here in your country and in Kaduna State is a sight to behold.


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