Bad habits we often overlook



Most of us are guilty of numerous bad habits which we tend to ignore; and these bad habits can destroy our beauty secrets. Sometimes, you exhibit some of those habits in public unknowingly. However, whether consciously or unconsciously, bad habits should be dealt with, before they destroy you. Here are some common bad habits we mostly tend to overlook. So, beware and break those habits now!

Pulling or playing with your hair; yes, we all get bored, or anxious, but don’t take it out on your hair. Continual pulling puts too much stress on strands that can’t support that kind of pressure. Avoid this, especially with the edges, which will bald a lot more quickly.

Biting your nails; while we are at it, let’s tackle another stress- related bad habit -nail biting. We don’t have to explain the disadvantages of chewing your nails down to nubs, right? And if that’s not enough to deter you, think about all the germs and bacteria you are also swallowing in the process.

Not removing makeup before bed; would you rather miss 5 minutes of sleep or get skin like gravel? I am sure you know the drill, right?

Not washing your face enough; this is more for the oily- skin sufferers. I know you have heard the one about how you should be washing your face every day. Sleeping in your make up is a recipe for clogged pores and lacklustre skin. You might think you are doing your face well by using a face cleansing wipe. But it turns out those face wipes aren’t helping your skin in any way. Instead, they are only removing a portion of the makeup and dirt, while it leaves behind potentially irritating residue. Why not take a few minutes to just wash your face in order to avoid breakout. It will make a much bigger impact that sopping away the oil.

Too many manicure; frequent nail salon visit or at home manicure may be damaging for nails. The constant application of acrylic tips, gel manicure and nail polish removal weakens and strips fingernails. Try to space getting your nails done with nail- strengthening solution.

Biting of lips; most of us, of course, are guilty of this bad habit. We sometimes bite our lips unconsciously when anxiety and nervousness hits us.

Skipping Moisturizer; skin care is about more than just your face alone. If you constantly find areas of your body dry and ashy, your first instinct is to hold your body lotion responsible. But, you may also want to take a look at your body soap. Go for buys that boast hydration and moisture. When you are ready to hit the bed, a little night time beauty prep can feel like a big chore.



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