DIY Hibiscus And Shikaikai Hair Spray



Here is a do it yourself tips and ingredients to hydrate your natural hair and stop excessive shedding, breakage, growth and thickness. All you need is, Shikaikai and Hibiscus ( Zobo Leaves)

1. Shikaikai controls hair fall, cleanses the scalp, stops premature greying, prevents dryness, treats dandruff and prevents split ends.

2. Hibiscus are rich in amino acids, fights dandruff, it promotes faster hair growth, hibiscus helps cover bald head over the time and combats dryness.

How To Make It Yourself

• A handful of Shikaikai and few pieces of hibiscus (Zobo Leaves), boil a cup of water and add in a bottle and allow to soak for 6 hours or more.
Pour your concentrated Shikaikai and hibiscus in a spray bottle and use it regularly on washed hair.

By Safrat Gani