Face steaming has been around for a long time and it is a great thing to add up to your beauty routine most especially if you suffer from acne, pimple, and black head or even if you have great skin. It is also easy as you can do it at home without going to a professional beautician. All you need is some boiled water, a towel to cover your face over the bowl of boiled water and steam your face for 10minutes then cleanse and moisturize your face.

Here are the benefits of steaming your face.

1.       It pushes out dirt from your face: there’s a lot of dirt stuck on our skin that we can’t see, usually from makeup, dust, excess oil. Sweat is the best to bring out all the dirt on your skin because it cleanse your pores and could help to restore your skin. The dirt stuck in your pores could be the reason for your skin issues.

2.       It loosens blackheads and whiteheads: blackheads are super tiny black or white dots on the face especially around the nose. Steaming your face will soften the skin and loosen the pores which helps to push out the blackheads.

3.       It hydrates the skin: steaming allows your skin, to take products better. For those who have dry skin, after steaming, one should apply hydrating lotions, the skin would hold on to it more. It helps the skin to retain that moisture as well as remove those dead dry skin cells and make the skin look soft.

4.       It makes your skin to benefit from the product you are using because steaming your face is not only beneficial for removing black head or giving you a clear smooth skin but help your face benefit from the product you are using.

5.       It removes dead skin: steaming gives your skin a powerful anti-aging property that gets rid of dead skin and give you that beautiful young look. 



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