Beauty of Contact Lenses and its effect


Beauty of Contact Lenses and its effect

Contact lenses are beautiful, especially on young ladies. I always admire ladies wearing contact lenses; I admire the cat-eye quality that the contact lenses bestow on their eyes. It is simply gorgeous especially when they blink those eyes. Because the eye is the central point, everything is made more beautiful when it is reflected in the eyes, and women often feel that the most impactful statement is made with the eyes. The eye speaks more powerful language than words, if you ask me.Cosmetic contact lenses can be fun, and they are available in different colours and styles. Many young adults use these lenses to complete their beauty ensembles.

And for medical use, contact lens can be an easy option to avoid wearing big framed glasses. Many people would prefer to wear a recommended contact than to wear spectacles as they feel the frame hides their face and it makes them look ugly. In worst cases, a person feels like a nerd. This is the reason why people choose to go for contact lenses. Well, wearing contact lenses can make you look gorgeous, but they are dangerous to your eyes and there are side effects if worn regularly and without proper hygiene.

Yet, contact lenses can be very safe if properly managed; but wearing them for too long can damage your eyes. And when you fail to clean them properly, they can cause trouble for the eyes. For safety reasons, your lenses should not be purchased without a professional advice. It has been gathered that contact lenses increase the risk of eye damage because bacteria and other infection causing agents can accumulate on them; especially, as the lenses get older, deposits accumulate on the front and back surfaces of the lens. This is the reason why you should always clean and disinfect your lenses with its solution after wearing them. Also you can clean the case of the lens as well. The bottom line is that contact lenses can damage our eyes if we are careless.

Few tips to prevent eye damage from contact lens:

1. Don’t swap or share your lens with a friend

2. Do not sleep while you have your contact lens on

3. Always clean and disinfect your lenses with solution before and after wearing them.

Eyes are very sensitive. If you are careless with your contact lenses, you will end up suffering from an eye infection. To avoid facing the side effects of wearing contact lenses, you should maintain them with proper lens hygiene.



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