Bauchi State, located in the North-eastern part of Nigeria, is known as the home of “Peace and Hospitality” the state comprises of 20 local government areas and was named after a popular hunter named Baushe. Bauchi State boosts of breathe taking tourist site amongst which are:


  1. Yankari Games Reserve

This is more or less the largest games reserve in Nigeria. Its located nearly 225 km east of Jos city in Plateau State. Yankari is the most developed wildlife park in the country with over 250 species of flora and fauna. With over 550 elephant population among other fascinating animals and birds, the wildlife are best seen between November and May when they come to the Gaji River for a drink.Some tour Package Includes 5days/4Nights Accomodation. Half board feeding firms, daily swimming in Wikki warm spring, and a return transportation from Abuja to Yankari.


  1. Wikki Warm Springs

Located within the Yankari reserve and a park for all tourists to visit. It is about 200 meters long and 10 meters wide with crystal-clear warm water with a temperature of about 31 degree Celsius. The natural springs is the reason many tourists visit the reserve, and the springs park is usually lit up in the evenings for visitors to savour its freshness.

  1. Marshall Caves

P.J  Marshall discovered this cave that’s y  its  called Marshall Caves. Discovered in 1980, this cave contains 59 dwelling caves in total – dug into sandstone escarpments, and must have been used by early settlers who wanted to escape enemy invasion and animal attacks. Rock paintings and wall engravings made caves.Also very easy to locate from the city center.

  1. Dukkey Wells

The Dukkey Wells have over 139 wells that are well connected via shafts to portray an elaborate water storage system that was in use in ancient times. It is a site to explore and see the ingenuity of ancient folks in preserving water for both domestic and agricultural use in the arid region.

  1. Shau Shau Iron Smelting Works

The Shau Shau iron smelting works in Bauchi State trust me  is a sight to behold with the 60 furnaces used to melt and forge iron tools among other farming implements. With over 100 ironsmiths working to forge iron tools such as cutlass, hoe, dane guns, arrows, household utensils and other relevant equipment, the iron smelting works is a tourist attraction to behold.