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Brides and Styles

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Some time ago we gave you a Roll Call of Tozli Brides. If you have been following the numerous weddings we have featured, you will notice that each bride comes with her own style, or what you might call her own “Swag”. Check out the Tozali Brides and their Styles, presented here in no particular order:



Hadiza Yusuf Ali – The Bride of Mohammad Amin Musa: She was stunningly beautiful in her golden creamy dinner gown. Her make-up was well blended, contouring up her perfectly shaped nose; she wore a smile that promises to always brighten the day for her man. The flowing veil that draped her beautiful body from the crown of her head down to her ankle in a wide cascade, seemed to be competing with her well contoured gown which should sweep the ground more; but of course, the gown won! Her make-up artist did a good job of contouring her facial features, highlighting her nose, chicks, mouth and giving her eyes a romantic stare.







Hauwa (Saema) Shuaibu Abubakar – The Bride of Nabeel Ahmed Yayale: She donned an intricately fashioned blue Gele that matched her netty blue lace dinner gown, with Organza frills tail sweeping the ground behind her. She clutched a beautiful white bag with a hand whose wrist boasts white bangles that contrasts beautifully and stylishly with her henna hand designs. A charming smile that revealed impeccably white teeth to match everything else from her earrings, neckpiece and bangles to her clutch bag; this is a combination rarely chosen by brides, but it stood Hauwa out in her unique style.




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