Brides and Styles

Brides and Styles

Brides and Styles

Some time ago we gave you a Roll Call of Tozli Brides. If you have been following the numerous weddings we have featured, you will notice that each bride comes with her own style, or what you might call her own “Swag”. Check out the Tozali Brides and their Styles, presented here in no particular order:



Maimuma Tanko Al-Makura – The Bride of Moyi Mohammed Mai-Dunama: Wow! Look at this touch of unique taste where modernity meets tradition. A dancer in full Fulani traditional attire helps our gorgeously dressed bride (Maimuna Tanko Al-Makura) to step onto the dance floor. You would think that she would be encumbered by her bridal paraphernalia and decline the honour of the bridal dance; but no, she obliged and showed off her red shoulder piece which is a match for her red Gele.






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