Cute Outfits You Can Switch from Work to Party

Cute Outfits You Can Switch from Work to Party

Cute Outfits You Can Switch from Work to Party

Cute Outfits You Can Switch from Work to Party

A day in the life of a fashion career woman may seem glamour packed, but there’s a lot more to it than just pretty clothes. An average worker’s day is full and engaged with appointments, meetings, reporting, managing writers, and that’s before you even get to the main work of the day. The hours are long, and no members of staff are out the door by 5 p.m. And after the day’s work is done, most evenings include dinner meetings or tiring evenings, which leave most working class with just minutes to transform an office look into something classy or cocktail appropriate; and one thing I know is that deciding what to wear can sometimes be the most stressful part of your outing. At the party or cocktail dinner, you might likely be imbibing some cheer, and you may even be dancing, so take time to ensure that your outfit, such as your blouse is properly buttoned, or use double stick tape to ensure that all that should be covered are covered: Your perfect outfit for the office to party should cover your buttocks when you sit down. If you are wearing a short skirt or dress keep your look modest or reserved, by wearing a long-sleeve blouse or jacket and tight under wear. Revealing your cleavage won’t go down too well. Make sure that you are comfortable and that your clothes fit properly to avoid embarrassment. Quickly consider these few points before you choose your outfit; choose an outfit that flatters your figure, check the weather before you pick out your outfit, choose appropriate length of dress/skirt and also consider the dress code (if there is any).

Class is Key

When it comes to your day to evening dressing, building a wardrobe of staples that work for both casual and dressy atmospheres is the key. For instance, a simple black dress is a versatile piece and it does look well on any woman, and can be great to layer around. Go for a style with clean lines and a modern silhouette, like a scooped neckline and a pencil shaped dress or gown. Then, add a long-sleeve fitted shirt or a button-up blouse underneath for a polished look, or throw on a cool knit or a utility jacket for an edgier, bold look.

Add a Bold Necklace

A great necklace frames your face, gives it a different look and provides the focal point of any outfit. Whether you go for something big and colourful or something delicate, a great statement piece can upgrade a simple black dress in seconds. Another reason it’s the perfect party accessory is because it’s an excellent conversation starter. Once you have selected your outfit, accessorize to show your personal style, but there is no rule of accessorizing, so just use your best judgement.

Crown it all With Heels

Shoes can make your whole look. They add another element of texture or colour, and can even affect your stance and walk (depending on the heel though), which really adds the beauty on top of your outfit. A sleek metallic shoe can add sparkle and style without being too over-the-top, and it’s surprisingly neutral! For a figure-flattering look, pick a style with a pointy toe, which will make your legs look long and lean. A heel does make a woman look classy and elegant. So it would be the best to wear shoes with heels, though go for a confortable one (i.e. one you can walk comfortably in).

An outfit that is too revealing can prevent you from being taken seriously; never wear anything too provocative when attending a party where you know most of the attendees are from your work place. Just like work, dressing appropriately for the occasion is very important. Choose your party outfit carefully, and since it is the same as what you will wear to the office, you have to be careful how you transform it from office wear to party outfit, and make it look stylish; but not too sexy. Rather, it should be elegant and glamorous. However, and very importantly too, the impression you want to create about yourself is entirely up to you.



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