Just like relationships forged anywhere else, office romance is also part of it. The office is a place where you get to meet different people and all that. Now because we are humans, we all have feelings, emotions and blablabla; It’s a natural thing to fall in love or better still get attracted to someone in your work place. 

But is it really cool starting a relationship with your colleague in the office. Personally, I don’t think dating a colleague in the same office is  cool. Reasons are it may work out or it won’t. If it doesn’t work out between you two, you may be forced to choose between your job and your sanity. 

Dating within the work place is risky, like I said that’s my own view. But let’s get to hear from our followers on Instagram and see what they have to say about this.

1. According to Falma3475: of course yes I can date my colleague in the same office… its love and if the arrow of love gets to me I will sure fall for it.

2. According to Raasheeedah: unless if one of you wants to leave the office. Then it’s cool to date your colleague in the same office

3. According to Sparkler_ms: not at all I can’t do that for a whole lots of reasons in this world. Why the hell should I date a guy in the same office with me…. That’s down grading for me.

4. According to Mksalmah: it’s a big NO for me.

5. According to Salwakhalil: it sucks! To date a guy in the same office and I don’t think it’s ethical.

6. According to Abdultym: Nah is not cool in any way.

7. According to Thamakeupbossette: I don’t think it’s cool, but what suits another might not suit another it’s vice versa.

8. According to Hadizah052: not cool at all I don’t sign it.

Now this is it. You will agree with me on this that dating your colleague in the same office is not cool especially for the ladies. Am not a romantic traditionalist but I feel dating your colleague in the same office is outrageous. What then happens when he or she breaks your heart? Will you leave your job to safe guide your heart? Or would you keep your job and bear the heart ache? These are questions you should ask yourself before going into a relationship with your colleague.




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