Life is about working to achieve something. It is either a goal, a dream or even a bet. The business of achieving success has a process one will have to go through to rise to the top of the success ladder. In every country there is the public and the private sector;  one way or the other your dream will be achieved in a sector you’ve found yourself in or made a choice to be in. (You are not going to sit around doing nothing,  you have to make something of yourself by yourself ).

To get into any sector, including social sector and as many other life sectors that you can think of, you will be required to participate in an initial meeting. It could be an interview, familiarity visit or a regular get-together. Whichever one it is, you will have to present your best of impeccable behaviour and, if I may add, to the nines dress code (dig out your bottom box or visit your neighbourhood WMT… a.k.a. Wuse Market Tailor).  Sloppy, dishevelled, and or unorganised anything never gets anybody anywhere or anything. 

For a corporate interview, I don’t have to tell you not to dress like you are off to a gala or clubbing. Formal wear of suits is a must. As Naija peeps you can spice it up with Ankara, the secret of Naija fabulousness (Hmm only a little bit o! Don’t go and sew full ankara suit, raffia skirt/trousers with ashooke tie and add street light earrings plus tye dye belt o! I no send you!). Go Trado Corporate. Simplicity exudes intelligence. Your dress code will be an integral part of the marks needed for you to pass the test. 

For a low key business meeting you can go in a Naija Pop attire. In the private sector there is a more relaxed feel, unless stated otherwise like in large scale wholesale/retail conglomerate where you may most likely be required to interact with clients and a variety of individuals.

Talking to someone intelligently and persuasively isn’t enough; looking the part and approachable by wearing a casual look will help close the deal, be it an appointment or a sale. (So if you dress up like robo cop or Saka just back from a day’s work at the motor park, na your wahala be that, you will scare the opportunities away. No deal no commission!  Shikenan!)

Fashionable readers of Tozali, here are trending dress codes for your sartorial rendezvous.


I will give you a few ideas on 1. Trado Corporate dressing 2. Naija Pop attire and, of course, 3. Friday Glam for casual Fridays. There are also couture evening blouses for you to put your spin on them and create skirts to compliment. Don’t forget to share your talents and designs on Tozali Blogspot. These will boost your business appeal. 

Have a great sartorial adventure and share share share!!!‎


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