Effective ways to beat winkles


Fine lines and wrinkles are not inevitable. In fact skin experts believe that most skin damages can be prevented with some special and natural care. Here are some natural points to bear in mind no matter your age.

1. Stop Smoking: Cigarette smoke speeds up the aging process as it strips your skin of oxygen and slows down the regeneration of new cells. It can give the skin a funny look, and cause fine lines around the mouth because chain smokers are constantly pushing their lips to draw a cigarette.

2. Be gentle: Be careful not to drag at your skin when applying skin care products or make up. The skin around your eyes is particularly likely to show signs of aging. A heavy touch can cause the skin to stretch. So always touch lightly and take your strokes upwards, rather than drag the skin down. Also, avoid any products that make your skin itch, sting or feel sensitive. If any product causes this sort of reaction, stop using it at once and switch to a gentler product.

3. Deep Moisture:  You can boost your skin’s water level weekly by using daily moisture, you can either use a moisturizing face mask or apply thick layer of your usual night cream .Whatever you choose, leave cream on your face for 5- 10 minutes and then remove the excess with tissue. Apply to damp skin for greater effect.

4. Deep cleaning: Many older women don’t cleanse their skin as thoroughly as they should, believing this can lead to dryness and lines. However, it is essential to ensure your skin is clear of dead cells, dirt and make up to give it a youthful, fresh glow. Don’t use harsh product, if your skin is very dry, massage with an oily cleanser. Leave on your skin for few minutes, and then rise away the excess with warm water.

5. Pamper regularly:  Remember to treat your skin from time to time with special treatments such as facials, and with serums and anti-aging creams.


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