Essential tips for rainy season


Travelling during rainy season is fun especially treading through the lush, green paths in misty climate, but it can also be tiresome, due to inconvenience caused by constant breakdown in public transport and bad roads. There are real benefits to travelling during the rainy season, though it tends to be off season for tourism, and most people hate travelling during this season. Travelling in this season will make you encounter fewer crowds and in most cases prices of some items and activities may be reduced. In this season also, your body can be exposed to a lot of germs and diseases hence, you need to take double the precaution while travelling in this season. You will need to tweak your packing list to account for torrential downpours, muddy walkways and so on.

Here are some tips to guide you through your journey in this season;

1: Arm yourself with waterproof materials like raincoat, plastic bags or umbrella before setting off for your trip. Water proof items can be god-sent; their uses are virtually endless. You can stock in your cell phone, laptop, camera and other sophisticated gadgets inside to protect them from the rain.

2: Take a box of wet and dry tissues with you at all times. Better still, keep a few extra towels with you always, in case you get wet. Travel towels are quick drying materials, which means they are perfect for drying off after you have got caught in the rain.

3: Carrying a first aid box is extremely important, especially during this season. Stock it with basic medicines like cough syrup or tablets, paracetamol, tablets for indigestion, disinfectant scrubs, antiseptic cream, and bandages along with a bottle of Dettol.

4: Your foot wears should be up for the challenge. Opt for a pair of waterproof shoes or sandals that you don’t mind getting muddy or wet.

5: Mosquito borne diseases are common during this season, so do not forget to carry mosquito repellents, creams or a net along with you.

6: Carry your books or music if you are going by public transport. Chances are you will get stuck in traffic or roadblocks for long time, books and music come in handy, they will help reduce your boredom and stress.

7: Choose your clothes wisely. Take short, comfortable clothes made up of nylon or synthetic material which dry quickly.

8: Carry your own water or drink boiled water whenever you can. It is needless to mention that you should eat cooked covered food at all times to avoid water borne diseases.

9: Consider lighting, it is immensely helpful to have your own source of lighting because the rainy season is accompanied by rolling blackouts. So having a compact flashlight will ensure you are never trapped in the dark. Always remember to put in a fresh pair of batteries and if possible carry an extra pair with you before you leave for your trip.

By: Mercy Kukah


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