Fashion Icon of the week


It’s another beautiful week;  and our fashion icon of the week is the beautiful, classic and chicky Hafsah Mohammed.

Hafsah is more than just a designer, fashionista and blogger. She’s a lifestyle mogul that’s changing the way modest women approach fashion and personal style. Hafsy as she is fondly called is one of the people that lead the modest fashion community in Nigeria with her fast rising women’s clothing brand Elora Collections. Her recent trends show international brands are taking inspiration from modest styles; higher necks, bulkier sleeves and longer hemlines.

Hafsah Mohammed has broken a lot of people’s view that ascribe Muslim fashion to traditional Kaftans and loose fitting clothing. Hafsah is marching to the beat of her own drum and her tasteful style has seen her following sky rocket over the last year. This pretty young lady’s style is so unique most especially the way she mixes modern trends with her artfully tied hijabs and turbans.


 All this  and much more makes us  looking forward to keeping up with Hafsah.

By Maimuna Bagudu


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