Our fashion icon of the week is the brains behind the stylish hijab wearing Barbie, ‘Hijarbie’, in person of Haneefah Adam.

Haneefah Adam, also known as ‘Muslimahanie’ is a medical scientist, designer, visual artist, chef and hijab stylist.

She was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and she’s one of the pioneer modest fashion bloggers in Nigeria.

Haneefah Adam bagged her first degree in Physiology and a Masters degree in Pharmacology and Drug Discovery from Coventry University in the UK.

Haneefah is passionate about food, fashion, her faith and her creative outlets which include mixed media and food art.

In February, Haneefah broke the internet with her Hijarbie project; a Muslim Barbie which drew inspiration from designs of popular Muslim fashion bloggers like Habiba Da Silva and Leena Asad.

Haneefah is also the winner of the 2016 #TechMeetsArt competition, a food art competition held by Re.le Art Gallery and sponsored by Samsung Mobile.

Haneefah isn’t just incredibly gifted, but very stylish as well, she makes some of her outfits herself, and her unique style has been commended by the likes of CNN style and Metro UK.

Haneefah is a modest and well dressed fashionista. Her styles are in accordance with her religious beliefs.

The 24 year old created ‘Hijarbie’, an Instagram account showing Barbie modeling ’mini hijab fashion’, ditching her usual hot pants and body con dresses in favour of hijabs (head scarves) and abayas (traditional robe-like garments). The Hijarbie is gaining momentum with 12.8 thousand followers and counting.

Haneefah, who has launched a modest lifestyle brand called Hanie collection, designs all of Hijarbie’s dresses and hijabs and gets her inspiration from many Muslim fashion bloggers.




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