Food that help Control Grey Hair


Foods that help Control Grey Hair
Recently, I noticed some few strands of grey hair on my head. The first thought that came to my mind was, “oh no…. I’m getting old.” Seeing grey hairs has always made me think that people are old or sort of. But there are other things that are associated with grey hair apart from being old. I have read that grey hair represents wisdom. It is a crown of splendour and it is gained only by living a godly life. If this is true, then having grey hair is a good thing and blessing especially when you have reached a certain age. But the other reason associated with premature grey hair could be stress and depression. This can make your hair turn its natural colour quickly, although the fact of life still remains that as we grow old, grey hair creeps in. For most people, it doesn’t happen until much later in life; but for others it can happen quite early. For those who do not like having grey hair, well, scientists tell us that there are certain foods we can eat to help reduce or stop grey hair. Let’s check them out.
Leafy Greens
Go for dark leafy greens to get your essential B vitamins. Your scalp relies on Vitamin B-6 and Vitamin B-12 for the production of red blood cells which transport oxygen and nutrients. Hair colour is also all about hormones, and Vitamin B-2 is an important player in hormone production. You can find this in greens like cabbage, lettuce, Ugu, spinach and so on.
Copper is essential to the production of melanin, the source of hair colour. As such, copper deficiencies can cause hair to grey. To load up on copper, go for a sweet treat. Semi-sweet chocolate packs the power of copper; additional copper-rich foods include mushrooms.
Berries are delicious fruit but strawberries in particular, are a delicious way to get an extra boost of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps produce collagen (found within hair follicles) and fight free radicals which have been linked with the aging process. Additional antioxidant vitamins include Vitamin A (think orange and yellow fruits) and Vitamin E (go for nuts and beans).
If you need a boost of Vitamin E and copper, reach for almonds. They’re an easy snack to combat the mid-meal munchies and a number of studies suggest that almond consumption can help lower bad cholesterol levels.
Beef Liver
Foods rich in zinc and copper will help to prevent grey hair. Beef livers are full of copper and zinc and these will help to prevent premature white hair. So, you can eat beef liver for saving your hair, if you are not a patient of heart diseases and high cholesterol.


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