The Gambia! Vice President Controversy.


The president of Gambia, Adama Barrow has named senior politician Fatoumata Tambajang as the deputy leader. Fatoumatta  has vowed to prosecute former leader Yahya Jammeh and take back assets she says were stolen from the nation.

According to the Gambian constitution, a Vice President should fulfil the qualifications required for a president, which is stipulated under section 62(1)(b) of the 1997 constitution. The minimum age of thirty (30) and a maximum age of sixty five (65) is required for one to become a Vice President. Fatoumatt Tambajang will be 68 years of age on the 22nd of October this year, she was born in 1948.

Despite her zeal, the age controversy stands in the way of her appointment. Citizens of the country are tweeting that constitutionally, she is over aged.


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