Getting that Flawless Look in Just 5 Minutes


Getting it right with your makeup can sometimes be a daunting task, simply because not all of us are professional make-up artists. You might think that the hardest part is doing a cat eye or blending the eye shadows right, but achieving a flawless looking skin can also be a challenge. Are you running late and can’t afford to look anything less than amazing? Then this brief article will guide you on getting a beautiful and flawless look in just 5 minutes 

Step 1

Fill in the brows using brown eye pencil/eyebrow filler or rather the pencil colour of your hair. 

Step 2

Using your flat angled brush and a little concealer, highlight the brow bone from under and do same from the top of the brow to sharpen the brow effect and to get that perfect eye definition. Should in case you have blemishes to conceal, do so at once before putting aside the concealer. 

Step 3

Using the foundation brush, spread foundation over the face and blend. Use a beauty blender for a briefer process. Apply caution to avoid wiping off the eyebrow pencil. This step gives you that alluring flawless base. 


Step 4

Apply black liquid eyeliner on the lash line and a khol pencil on the rim of the eye but I suggest you use khol pencil because you might not know how to use the liquid eyeliner perfectly and might mess your whole face up. Then brush the eyelashes with mascara.  This step is to define the eyes and make you look calmly attractive. 

Step 5

This is the finishing touch. Apply powder on your and lip-stain to your lips then you are good to go! 

Note: while choosing your concealer, go for a shade lighter than your colour. The aim of this is that when you apply it on brow bone due to the shade difference it will bring out that intending look. Also for your powder and foundation, you should go for any colour the same as the colour of your neck. This means that the colour of your neck is your exact colour and when you apply a fitting colour of your neck to your face, there won’t be any difference.


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