If you look around these days, you will realise that old fashion styles have finally found their way back to the present-day fashion world. It is no longer news that people nowadays dress exactly the way fashion icons dressed in those days.

Old fashion styles and dresses have taken over the fashion world and are now in vogue; people tend to look trendier when they are dressed in the old fashion way. High waist outfit for example, are incredibly flattering and surprisingly interesting, making them an excellent
choice for women of all ages and sizes.

Here in fashion, it reveals the secrets in making the best out of your high waist outfit. In most cases, the key is usually your body type.
In order for you to look good at something, you should know what your body type is and what works best for you. High waist outfit are not only great in making  your waist look smaller, but they will also help you keep up with the fashion trends.

To avoid appearing frumpy, make sure you wear your correct size by getting a fitting. Remember that the best part of fashion is feeling like yourself with what you are wearing. High waist pants, skirts etc. will definitely give you a stylish and elegant look. You can combine them with simple blouses, blazers, shirts, or some elegant top. Also wearing these pants or skirts with some cool crop top will give you a stunning look. Like all fashion trends, high waist clothing can look fabulous if it’s worn well but can also be the subject of a serious fashion faux pas. There are a number of ways to wear high waist
trousers and when you get the style right it can be a chic look that works on a range of occasions.

High waist trousers can be a particularly useful item in your work-wear collection, especially in a wide-legged style. Be sure to balance out your top half and wear an
embellished, bold-coloured blouse or add some glamorous accessories.
For a more casual look, high waist fitted trousers offer more structure than skinny leg jeans, which can be unforgiving for curvier figures. Opt for bold statement colours for these trousers – there’s a great range in mustard, burgundy or bright, fun floral. Styles that just
brush the ankle also evoke a fun vintage feel, so this is a great trouser for girls who aren’t really trouser-wearers. High waist skirts are a classic item for any office wardrobe, with pencil cuts creating a chic and sophisticated look.

There is also a range of fun high waist skirts available in more casual styles with pastel colours and bright shades. Try a skirt with pleats for a fun and gorgeous friendly look.
If you have a full chest, try to pair the skirt with a looser fitting shirt to balance your feature and leave you feeling ultra girlie.

Another interesting high waisted outfit is jeans. Jeans are a perennial staple in any woman’s closet, but styles of jeans cycle in and out of popularity. High waists are a relief when it comes to body coverage, styling them presents a whole new challenge. The casual
trend of leaving shirts un-tucked is certainly pointless with a high-waist jean, while a cropped top still may not show very much skin at all, if any. Women may see high-waist jeans in photographs and long to wear them but not know how to begin with styling. First,
understanding what makes a jean “high-waist” will help shoppers pick the right styles of jeans. The best way to go about styling high-waist jeans is to consider one’s fashion personality first and take it from there. One’s personal style will affect the cut of the jeans as well as the wash chosen. Some of the jeans of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s
did feature higher rises, so a high – waist flare jean is right in keeping with the days of Flower Power. Here are three bohemian looks to get you started.

•       Mix a light wash high – waist flare jean with a peasant-style blouse and a simple natural sandal.
•       Wear high-waist jeans with a knit turtleneck top and wooden-soled clog.
•       Combine a T-shirt, vest, and high-waist jeans with platform heels.

Most high-waist jeans are not the same as traditional five-pocket jeans; they need specific styling to look good and are not the type of jeans that one throws on with a T-shirt and sneakers ‘’unless this is done purposefully to achieve a specific image’’. High-waist jeans are a specific style that calls attention to the high waist, while high-rise jeans are merely regular jeans that come up higher and can be worn like any other standard jeans.

Another beautiful high waist outfit to consider is the Empire dress waistline.  Empire waist dresses have a waistline directly under the bust which creates a flowing appearance that is universally flattering. The cut of empire waist dresses is extremely forgiving and hides trouble spots while accentuating the positives of the female physique. An empire waist dress is extremely versatile, and the dress can go from casual to formal with a few simple changes. When wearing an empire waist dress, focus on shoes. Because shoes define the empire waist dress. For a casual look, wear sandals. For workdays, wear flats or low heels. Pumps and high heels give the empire waist dress a sexy makeover for a date or night out. Make sure the shoes are appropriate for the length of the dress. An empire waist maxi dress is very long and would look best with flats, while a shorter dress looks best with



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