How to tie a turban.


How to tie a turban 👳‍♀️
Five turban styles.

The basic meaning of turban is a long cloth which is wrapped around the head.

1. Fold the fabrics lengthwise. It should be around two inches after you have folded it four times, the thinner and more breathable the fabric the better.

2. Tie your hair on the top of your head into a bun, try not to make it too tight because your head might start to hurt you.

3. Start wrapping the Punjabi turban clothe around your head diagonally, start from one side of your head over your ear

4. Once the Punjabi turban cloth is almost over, you can either tuck it in the back of your turban, or open a parting in the centre of your turban and push it inside.

5. Now just tuck in all the remaining, loose ends of the cloth, and there you have it a picture of perfect turban.

by salma shehu.