Dressing to kill has become the new fashion trend among young ladies, decency have being thrown to the dogs, as they bare it all. young  girls  these days expose erogenous and juicy parts of their bodies in order to look sexy.

Indecent dressing have become the order of the day in Abuja among other cities. It’s very common to find young ladies dressed in a half naked clothes parading themselves on the street and public places in the federal Capital Territory.

It is alarming to see such type of indent dresses worn to official places. You see a young lady wearing a crop top and a skimpy trouser to the office in the name of fashion. You can also find such girls dancing near naked even before the very eyes of highly placed individuals in the society in the name of clubbing.

The prevailing rate at which young girls dress the way they like and parade themselves on the street without regulatory measures being put in place is stealing the concentration of the male folks in the society. Indecent assaults on females, lustful glances, illicit sex and sex for trade have become part of our daily lives .  When you dress indecently, nothing will stop men from harassing you which will lead to rape and other sexual related crimes like sexual harassment in offices and the rest . You will even find your fellow ladies that are against indecent dressing blaming you for the consequence of your dressing if you become victim of such crimes .

Our culture and traditions should be promoted any where we find ourselves. Every one is free to dress the way he or she likes without hindrance from anyone. But it is also said that you should dress as you will like to be address, so the way you dress speaks more about your character . The more modest you appear the more respect you command .

Regulatory measures should be put in place by government to address indecent dressing in the Nation’s capital. Display of some level of nakedness like bare breast , too transparent cloths ,exposing of panties , too skimpy dressed ,mini skirts etc should be discourage thereby restoring some certain level of sanity in women appearances in places of work and the city at large.


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