The little things you do, and the way you respond to your man when he does something nice for you is one of the easiest ways to make him feel loved. Communicate with him, understand him and go out of your way to do something special for him now and then. Display your affection for him through sweet, little romantic gestures and most importantly, tell him just how much you love him every now and then. As the months turn into years in a relationship, it’s easy to overlook the little gestures or even take them for granted. And just as you start to take things for granted, your husband or boyfriend too would simultaneously start to feel unloved and neglected in the relationship. Sometimes, you don’t need words to show your love. Just use these 10 subtle ways to make your guy feel special and loved, and he will realize just how much he means to you, even if you don’t use a single word to describe your love for him!

1. Guys hate insecurity.If there’s one thing that makes a guy feel neglected and ordinary, it’s when the girl he loves treats him like he’s just another guy. Don’t ever neglect him or give him less attention when you are talking to another guy, especially one who your man perceives as a threat. If you are in love with him, never make him feel insecure or threatened in the relationship. Always make him feel special and let him know that he’s the most important guy in your life.

2. Stand up for him.When you are in public and someone speaks disrespectfully to him, support your man and stand up for him even if you think your man’s in the wrong. You can always tell him in private about your own opposing opinions. When both of you are in public together, he’d see you as his pillar of strength and he would be crushed to see you oppose him or gang up on him with someone else.

3. Compliment him.Compliment your man when he makes an effort to impress you. Be genuine in your appreciation and commend him for being a good man, praise his achievements and accomplishments and go easy on the negative criticisms. Your compliments matter a lot to your guy, because he’d always take your opinions into considerations, and it will make him feel good about himself.

4. Accept your mistakes.If you make a mistake, be graceful enough to accept it. Avoid trying to manipulate your man or tricking him into giving in or believing it was his fault because your ego is too fragile to accept faults. He may not say it out loud, but he may realize that he’s being manipulated and hate you for it. Learn to let go of your need to be right every single time. It only makes you seem more human.

5. Give him your support.Let your man know that you will always be there for him. If you see him busy working on something or searching for something frantically, offer to help him instead of just watching him while lazing on the couch. Offering your help, even if he declines it, shows that you care about him and are always eager to help him out of a fix.

6. Look your best: Look good for your man, especially when both of you go out together. Dress up, smell great and look fabulous in his arms. And each time his friend or colleague drops his jaw in awe of you; your man will thank his lucky stars for dating a girl who’s as awesome as you.

7. Surprise him.You give him something nice on his birthday and every other special occasion, right? Well, don’t stop at that! Surprise him every now and then with little sweet gestures like movie tickets, or tickets to a game, a set of power tools and other things that might excite him. Slip it into his hands when both of you are having dinner or when both of you get into bed. The gifts may be inexpensive, but your gestures, well, they’d make him feel like a million bucks!

8. Comparisons.Never compare your man in bad light with other men, especially when you are trying to make a point. It’s a low blow that will hit him hard and make him feel miserable. He may already know his weaknesses, but when you point it out to him by comparing him to some other man, he’d feel smaller and much emasculated.

9. Listen to him.Do you ever argue over a point of view with your man? Heated debates are completely acceptable in a happy relationship. But when he’s trying to explain his point of view, try not to see red and yell at him. Listen to what he has to say completely even if you know you are only going to disagree. Ignoring his opinions will only make him feel like you don’t care what he thinks.

10. Communicate with him.Communication in a relationship is one of the most important aspects of a happy relationship. If you want your guy to feel loved and special, try to understand him better by communicating with him. Play games with each other, discuss issues while watching television, pillow talk in bed, and ask each other naughty questions over the weekend. It’ll help you understand your man better, and most importantly, it’ll make him feel like you really care about him and want to understand him better.


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