On the 20th of July 2016, Tozali Magazine and DT Foundation held a press conference on the forthcoming 4th Tozali Henna Ball and Award Night, taking place in October in Abuja, Africa Fashion and Cultural Week also taking place in Abuja in 2017, and African Fashion Week which will take place in Amsterdam. These three events are veritable platforms for promoting African brand awareness and networking. Henna Ball is known for its ability to promote local designers and entrepreneurs through its prestigious platform. It is a powerful lifestyle marketing platform, a unique one-day event business opportunity to increase brand awareness, generate relevant media opportunity and access a distinctive audience.

Henna Ball is a brainchild of Tozali magazine. In its bid to play a role of responsible cooperate citizen; Tozali birthed the Henna Ball and Tozali People Awards initiative as a platform which effectively impacts on the lives of the less privileged through its foundation. Meanwhile, Tozali is a monthly publication with a wide range of distributorship network covering most part of the country. Tozali touches every aspect of life, ranging from news, life style, health, beauty, fashion and tourism.

Also, AFWA has the potential of taking your brand internationally. African market for designers, fashion retailers, beauticians and vendors is a huge market that every African must build on to promote African culture, its brands and product and showcase it to the world through these platforms.

Finally, Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam is the largest gathering of African fashion designers, models, exhibitors, buyers, retailers, media, fashion influencers and business tycoons. The purpose is to package designer’s participation, a successful business and not just global entertainment consumption. The aim of the upcoming Africa Fashion and Cultural Week in Abuja, a sister event of Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam, is to encourage and empower youths, create job opportunities through fashion, develop the African fashion industry, merge African and European market and, last but not the least, alleviate the lives of those suffering from extreme poverty by encouraging talent and handicraft. The platform is to create Demand & Supply internationally, supported by the DT Foundation in collaboration with Tozali Girl Child and Women Foundation.

Diana Tambe Charity Foundation is set up by a person whose compassion led her to devote her life to charitable work. She hopes that in doing her bit of charitable work, she can pave the way for her own spiritual growth while simultaneously impacting the society by raising the public’s consciousness and enhancing the public’s charitable spirit in order to promote building a balanced body and mind, a united family life, a harmonious society, and an overall peaceful world, inspiring the youth and creating job opportunities as a trail. In collaboration with Henna Ball and Tozali Magazine, AFRICA FASHION AND CULTURAL WEEK, ABUJA, is born.


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