Long distance relationships

They said Distance doesn’t permit the action to be seen, rather, words convey the feelings when distance hinders. No matter the distance that separates two people, It can be rest assured that  the gap will be bridged if the two parties involved really know each other well, trust each other and have a great bond together; like marriage, engagement or a legal union. As the saying goes: ”True Love and friendship  knows no boundaries and no distance; miles and obstacles mean absolutely nothing in the face of love”.
What two partners who are distanced from each other should pursue everyday is meaningful and constant conversation, and also, they should focus and make sure that everyday that comes by, they’re doing one or two things that will  bring them closer again depending on the reason why they’re apart at the moment. All their focus everyday should be constant communications and plans of being close to each other because obviously they can’t stay afar forever!
However the case may be, there are still many advantages and disadvantages of long distance relationships.
1.Strengthens Emotional Bond: Society today is obsessed with sex; it is everywhere – on television and in the media. Talk shows and magazines today tell us that sex is the primary part of a relationship, and although it is important, it should not be the dominant force driving a relationship. There are numerous long-distance relationships that break off due to the lack of physical contact. This is sad, because it shows us that sex is often regarded as the glue that holds relationships together. The great thing about a long-distance relationship is that it can help strengthen the bond that goes beyond the physical between you and your partner, because you have more time to talk to each other about yourselves and about each other. A long-distance relationship fosters communication and trust-building.
2. Tests of  Love – Sometimes it seems that those couples who spend the most time with each other have greater love, but this is not always true. There are couples who are close and spend all of their time together, but once something separates them (maybe one getting a job in a different state), they break up because they cannot handle the distance. This is heartbreaking, because they are willing to give up their love for the immediate security in staying close together. They neglect to see that they will be together again and could grow personally from the experience of being apart. A long distance relationship can really test and challenge you and your partner’s love for each other. To be willing to spend days, weeks, or even months apart is a great accomplishment, and in the end, it can bring much happiness when you and your partner are reunited again.
 3.You are less likely to confuse lust with love –
Attraction in a long-distance relationship tends to be based primarily on a foundation of emotional intimacy and shared values rather than physical intimacy. Being attracted to someone mostly because of the conversations you have (rather than the sex you share) is not an iron-clad guarantee of long-term relationship success, but it certainly helps.
4. If You Can Survive the Distance, You Can Survive Anything:
The classic benefit to a long distance relationship is the knowledge that if you are able to survive it, your relationship can survive nearly anything. Once you close the gap, your issues will pale in comparison to the memory of your long distance relationship and the sheer effort it takes to maintain (financially, physically and emotionally). So knowing that you were able to get through it is a comforting thought, and more importantly, you are safe in the knowledge that life can only get better. 
1. Loneliness- No matter how strong that your long-distance relationship may seem, there will be times when you just want your partner to be there for you. Maybe you have had a tough day and need a hug. Maybe you feel sexually frustrated. Maybe you just want to relax and have fun with someone in person, rather than via a computer screen. There is a limit to how much involvement there can be when two people live far apart.
2. Growing Apart
This issue tends to be bigger if your relationship started out as a normal one, but was forced to change due to you or your partner having to move away due to college, or through work requirements. The whole dynamic of the relationship can be radically altered, as it can be easy to be drawn in by new surroundings and people, and the old relationship can gradually fade. The challenges can be very serious in this scenario, especially for younger people.
3.Trust Issues -Two people socializing and having fun separately can create an atmosphere of mistrust and jealousy. Both of you have to learn to be both trusting and trustworthy if the relationship is to work. You are very much reliant on what your partner is telling you, compared to a normal relationship. Even if they are completely open and honest, you only get their personal take on things, which may be different to what your own interpretation would be when  you are there. 
4.Misunderstandings –
When you are communicating through words and there is little body language and other social clues to go on, it’s much easier for misunderstandings to occur. Calls  and texts can be particularly bad for causing confusion and arguments. If you are in an international relationship, the different time zones can make life difficult when you are scheduling to chat. There are just a lot more things that can go wrong when you are trying to communicate over long distance.
By Maryam Islam


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