It’s another amazing Monday and today we are crushing on this handsome dude in person of Arafat Bage .


Arafat Bage is the founder of Levels Label a brand that is well known in Abuja for its luxury yet affordable clothing and food truck. Arafat hails from Nassrawa State; he attended Regent High School, NTIC  Abuja, David Games College and Aston University, Birmingham. Arafat is also part of the FBS project, a charity organization that hosts a yearly charity event called ‘’Ole’’ where all of the proceedings go to various community projects and orphanages.

Arafat is one handsome dude who doesn’t like to show off and he is very calculative and also one of the best event planners ever.

Arafat Bage who is a trendsetter with an unequivocal mind for the urban classical outfit. He is one young man whose love for fashion cannot be questioned. He dresses simple; but expensive…. No doubt our man crush for this week is one vibrant and active youth…

By Maimuna Bagudu