Top 4 Fashion Designers in Nigeria


Even though Fashion has been with us for a long time, it has changed and evolved a thousand times; presenting us with non-ending ways to express ourselves in different looks and styles.

The timeless art has been defined and redefined by talented and creative young people who have looked at the trend from the legends of the past and have brought more life to what would have been seen as ordinary clothes.

Fashion is a deep  lifestyle  art that bonds with us.

We at TOZALI owe a lot of creative and talented fashion designers some serious credits for breathing out their ideas into styles and trends that we wear with such confidence and grace.

Here are the  Top 5 Fashion Designers in Nigeria that are moving the fashion world on a daily!


  1. Deola Sagoe:  the famous Deola Sagoe is the CEO of The house of Deola Sagoe I call her the ‘’guru’’. Deola Sagoe has been around for a while, making us fall in love with African prints daily, she’s an extraordinary fashion designer who has made a big name for herself in the fashion industry. Deola is an haute couture fashion designer, doing what she knows best. She has been at the cutting edge of high fashion since 1989 and has steadily risen to become the first black woman to present a collection at ‘AltaRoma’, her globally appealing style has earned her an enviable clientele that ranges from Africas first ladies to society girls like Lydia Hearst, top model Alek Wek, and famous personalities such as Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith. Deola is the brain behind Fatima Ganduje’s  3 piece Komole with Bijoux details in Apricot for her Kamu and also her  Grandiose Mermaid silhouette embellished lace dress with abstract detail for her traditional wedding dinner to mention but a few.  Not forgetting Fatima Dangotes Komole mould Iro and Buba with funnel sleeves for her traditional wedding dinner. Deola is no doubt a creative and amazing fashion designer.








2. Huddaya:  second on our list is the beautiful Mrs Huddaya Fadoul Sani-Abacha founder of Huddaya Fashion Emporium. Huddaya is one creative designer that has taken control of the bridal fashion scene in the North; she has a keen eye for designing exquisite wedding dresses and exclusive luxury pieces. Huddaya is responsible for designing almost all the bridal outfits of the rich and mighty in Northern Nigeria. With her blessed hands and brain, Huddaya is behind all the outfits for Zahra Buhari’s wedding including that of the First Lady Aisha Buhari.







3. Mai Atafo:  Mai Atafo is a big name in fashion. He has been big for close to 10years and  has dominated the fashion scene all these while.  Founder of Mai Atafo clothings iis a unisex fashion designer known as The King of Bespoke Fashion. Describe besoke fashion and you describe Mai Atafo. Mai is an international designer, whose fashion pieces are up to par with international designers such as Valentino and Dolce and Gabbana. He is the brain behind Adesua and Banky W’s wedding dresses in the wedding party 1 and their wedding in South Africa which speaks volumes of his exquisite brand.





4. Folake Coker: A Nigerian fashion designer and creative director of Tiffany Amber, Folake Coker is one fashion designer that knows what it takes to be a fashion designer. Folake has staged several fashion shows in Africa, Europe and the United States. She made history as the first African based fashion designer to stage a show twice at the New York fashion week. Tiffany Amber’s designs have been featured in Vogue, on CNN and on other major international media. She is the brain behind the costumes of Team Lagos for the opening ceremony of the National Sports Festival.




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 By Maimuna Bagudu


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