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Hello everyone! Happy New Year!!!

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I am very excited about this new edition of Tozali’s

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My Name is Hapsy Ibrahim-Mahmud and on this edition of Meals by Me™ I am going to share an easy sandwich recipe, made from Mince Beef. So here goes….



H’s Meat Ball Sub


  • 1 kilo of fresh mince beef
  • 1 medium grated onions
  • A handful of chopped coriander
  • One egg, seasoning powder and salt to taste
  • 1 tbsp of ground ginger, garlic, thyme and paprika
  • Sandwich Baguette (Medium Size French Bread)
  • Butter, a few curls (not Margarine, Butter)
  • Sliced vegetables: Lettuce, Tomatoes, cucumber
  • Chilli sauce and Ketchup


So first, wash and clean your veggies, slice up and set aside. Make your chilli and ketchup mixture by adding 2tablespoons of store bought chilli sauce and 3tablespoons of ketchup in a small bowl. Mix well until combined and set aside.


Then add your grated onions, coriander, egg, seasoning powder, salt, garlic, paprika, and ginger to your mincemeat and combine well. Wet your palms and form mince beef into medium size balls.


Pop your balls in a non-stick pan with little and cook them through.

In a grill pan or a regular pan, toast the inside of your bread by cutting it through, but not all the way through; flip it face down on the insides and toast until lightly browned. Then add your butter and spread the happiness which is butter, all over, Lol! Then add on your veggies in any order you like. I just love my lettuce near my meat balls, but you can do yours anyhow you like. The key is not placing hot meat balls on your vegetables. You have to let it cool completely (until warm not cold) because by placing hot meat of any sort on crunchy lettuce, the veg will welt.

Shredded cabbage can be an option for this recipe but trust me when I say that crunchy fresh lettuce take the trophy!!!

With the salty French bread, fresh veggies and yummy meat balls …hmm oh the sauce! Lol! And the Sauce Hmmmmh! Yumminess Parade!!!



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