Abuja, Nigeria’s seat of government has many attractions. This sprawling capital city possesses a curious blend of African and Western civilizations and it is home to people of different ethnic and nationalities. It has become Nigeria’s power Capital by the growing number of political activities that take place almost every day. In fact, all Nationalities of the world are well represented here, because this is where you have all, oil companies, and construction companies among others.

First timers in the city are often mesmerized by its beauty, although there are different opinions on when the city is at its best. To some, the city is most beautiful during the day, while others feel the city is much prettier at night when the streets light are on.

Surprisingly, a good number of people see Abuja as an Irresistible woman in whose arms they would wish to spend eternity for its sheer hospitality and the fact that, she welcomes you with open arms from airport road, Kubwa and Nyanya. Her long arm stretch from Gwarinpa to Utako from there to Asokoro to Maitama to Garki and you get the climax of this city at Wuse 2.

At about 4pm to 5pm, if you take a close scrutiny while returning from work and you are held bound by the traffic jam and you manage to allow your eyes wander to the sides of the road, that is when you will discover the open spaces converted into relaxation spots scattered all over the place. If you have adventurous nature, you will not miss to observe how organized these relaxation spots are.

The hours of 6pm to 9pm is regarded as the warm up time in anticipation of what is to come. By 9pm to 11pm, is assumed that you are properly warmed up, time to call friends and decide on which location is best to turn up. You may start the night off by visiting game centers. At this time you also get to see a lot of people coming out to party as well. As the evening progresses, you will see plastic chairs of blue, red, and white arranged in their fours with a table in their middle, this is where the fun kicks on for the day. You will hear loud laughter emanating from different tables.

1pm is the approved time to hit the clubs. The party crowd tends to move from one spot to another. You must be abreast with the happening and the direction of where the party people are headed if you desire to be in the right place at the right time in order not to miss in the fun. You are entitled to go from one club to another to enjoy yourself and your money. The bottom line is whatever your taste or your vices are, you need to ask the right people the right questions and you will be pointed in the right direction, to fulfil your heart desires.

There is never a dull moment in this city as each district has something to offer.


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