Popular Nollywood Actress Returns Bride Price After 14 Years of Marriage


The Nzelu family of Ozubulu in Anambra state have returned the bride price of #70,000 (Seventy Thousand Naira) paid for their daughter, Rita Nzelu after about 14 years of marriage to Simeon Okoro from Imo state to officially end the marriage between both as culture demands.
According to an eye witness who witnessed the dissolution, both families decided to take the action after efforts to reconcile the couple failed both in London and Nigeria.
The family of Okoro have confirmed the payment which was said to have been made since February 2018.
A source disclosed that the marriage started having issues as a result of infidelity coupled with the fact that the actress insisted on not shelving  her acting career.
When the actress got married, she decided to build her home first and then return to movie making but that plan lasted for only 10 years during which Nzelu temporarily left the industry to attend to family life but has since returned some years back.
Sources say that the couple have struggled to stay together as a result while their differences lingered and failed to be reconciled until both families decided to dissolve the marriage by performing all necessary traditional rites and leaving the couple to move on with their divorce legally.

By Mercy Kukah


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