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  Two years ago, the 27th-31st, August saw a new type of fashion event in the Netherlands. This was home to the first ever Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam (AFWA), which consisted of a 3day interactive celebration of fashion, culture, music and talent within the World Fashion Centre, Amsterdam. The event was hailed in the media as a great success, which saw thousands of visitors watch dozens of models glide down the runway in hundreds of African inspired or designed outfits to the delight and excitement of its audiences. Last year, with enhanced exposure and funding, AFWA broke existing records as the brand continued to grow in popularity within the media and community as a bench mark for promoting causes, uniting talents and breaking barriers within the community. ´Many key figures from the Africa community have already confirmed their attendance such as award winning movie star Ramsey Nouah and several prominent business entrepreneurs. We are looking to break existing records and take the event to the next level, which is certainly developing´ Diana Tambe (Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AFWA) quoted. Visitors and media can expect to see a multi-cultural and talent rich celebration of African lifestyle and talent. From networking events and press days to over twenty-two fashion shows, the event will culminate with an interactive awards ceremony which will celebrate new talent, and launch Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam’s affiliated magazine publication, along with its cover face competition winner in 2017. Sasa magazine will be an on-line and published bi-annual retrospective of arts, culture, fashion and talent based on the values of African society but fostering an inclusion for everyone. The event is also contributing a percentage of its profits towards The Diana Tambe Foundation (a charitable body seeking to promote, maintain and improve levels of healthcare, education, training and provision of facilities within the African community). Designers, exhibitors, buyers, retailers, media, sponsors and partners who want to be part of this event can contact or visit official website on

Bringing us back to the organisers visit to Abuja,…  

2) 4th Edition of Henna Ball and Tozali Magazine Award Night scheduled for 8th of October, 2016  

  What is Henna and why Henna Ball?     Henna, common name for a small shrub (See Loosestrife), and for dye that is obtained from its leaves. The shrub, which is also called alkanna and mignonette tree grows in moist places in Northern Africa and Southern Asia. It bears small, fragrant, white or rose flowers in clusters. The orange red dye produced from its leaves is used extensively as a rinse to impact to reddish colour and sometimes deep brown or black to hands, legs or hair. Many tradition across the world associates designs made by the henna dye in palms and feet with marriage ceremony. Tozali has chosen the word HENNA as a title of the event in celebration of African rich heritage, hence the event team ”Celebrating women, Creativity and Philanthropy”   


The event:    Tozali Magazine is a monthly publication with a wide range of distributorship network covering most part of the country. Essentially a social Magazine, Tozali touches every aspect of life ranging from news, life style, health, beauty, fashion and tourism.   In its bit to play the role of a responsible corporate citizen, Six years ego, Tozali birthed the Henna Ball and Tozali peoples award initiative (A bi- annually event) as a platform through which to effectively impact on the lives of the less privilege    This year edition focuses on celebrating women, who have contributed selflessly and immensely well in various field. The award segment would recognize, celebrate and honour Nigerians who have contributed towards uplifting the lives of their fellow men and women, especially the less privilege.   The one day event as usual shall commence with a redcarpet welcoming reception and a cocktail networking party. It shall also encompasses the following.   1. Exhibition of Henna design and local beauty product outside the event hall. This exhibition will feature stunning designs by henna designers from different part of the country.   2. Runway Fashion Show: This promises to feature emerging talents in the fashion industry. The best among the designers would go home with a air ticket to attend an African Fashion Week Amsterdam. The designers would present to scintillate guest with their exquisite couture.   3. Music mode of the evening will be set and maintained by some of the country’s outstanding musician.   4. Comedy: To further spice up the Night, there will be comedy by rip cracking and sensation.  


  THE AWARD CEREMONY The event will be heralded with an Award Ceremony, to recognize distinguished Nigerians in areas where they have been outstanding. 


  PARTICIPATION AND BENEFITS The Henna Ball promises to be a powerful lifestyle marketing platform; a unique one-day event business opportunity to increase brand awareness, generate relevant media opportunity and access a distinctive audience. The Ball is being packaged to be a relaxing, pleasurable and entertainment-packed forum, featuring a stunning runway fashion show of wearable couture in various categories, beauty exhibition and world class A-List entertainment, creating one of a kind opportunity for participating exhibitors, collectors, designers and sponsors. It will feature extensive print and electronic coverage through mainstream media and is also endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism through the Nigerian Tourism Development Commission, the Federal Ministry of Information and the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs.   Should you choose to partner with us in the Henna Ball, your company will have a unique branding opportunity to promote your products and service to top Nigerian elites as well as society’s most influential tastemakers and trendsetters.   Sponsorship benefits include extensive television, radio and press coverage in all advert, prominent name and product placement throughout the event, program booklet advertisement, sample product distribution, inclusion in press releases, company profile in the latest edition of our magazine, opportunity for massive marketing campaigns, as well as resounding message that your company and its products are playing an active role in committing to the best of Africa’s cultural development and empowerment.    For  more information on  participation and ticket purchase  please contact our information desk on this  mobile number :  +2348034504223 or visit our website: or


3) African Fashion and Cultural Week Abuja 2017

Under the DT Foundation, Africa Fashion and Cultural Week Abuja in collaboration with Tozali Magazine and Tozali Girl Child and Women Foundation present to you African a Fashion and Cultural Week, 2017 Abuja. Under the DT Foundation, Africa Fashion and Cultural Week Abuja in collaboration with Tozali Magazine and Tozali Girl Child and Women Foundation  

GENERAL AFCW-ABUJA EVENT OVERVIEW : The one week fashion and cultural festival will run as an annual event for the first 3 years, and after 2019, there is the potential to make the event bi-annually. The mission statement of the event is to inform, persuade and remind the public, promotors and investors of the richness, diversity and talent that the arts and cultures of Africa can offer, as well as promoting students and new talents.    
BIG DEAL ANNOUNCEMENT!  We will also host the first ever MEN’s FASHION WEEK AFRICA (MFWA) in 2018. Current promotional and investment opportunities for the integration and promotion of African arts and culture within other African countries, is being investigated alongside a networking reception opportunity of investors.


  Aims and Objectives

  • Feeling of being at least partly responsible for the success of others’ initiatives (desire for patronage) – Opportunities to provide employment to university graduates.
  • Striving to be a part of a communal social initiative (desire for social participation) – Promoting art and culture, promoting tourism, providing workshops in production/market/sales.
  • And seeking a payoff from monetary contributions (desire for investment) – Creating international fair-trade.  

Social goals: Community benefits, participation, planning, education, workshops, employment, visitor’s attraction 

  Economic goals: Economic benefits to locals and other stakeholders, economically viable industry, economically viable businesses  

Environmental goals: Promote and encourage sustainability in fashion and designs, maintain or expand biodiversity, resource benefits, minimal resource degradation, acceptance of resource values,  matching of supply and demand, adaptive design, intergenerational equity and to promote and encourage sustainability in product design.


  PRESS CONFERENCE Date: 20th July 2016  Time: 16.00 – 19.00h  Venue: Cubana Suites Abuja Activities: Workshops, Exhibition of Art, Networking   Invitees: Press, Investors/Sponsors, Fashion Designers, Exhibitors, Buyers, Retailers, Media, Fashion Influencers and Business Tycoons.   The press conference is scheduled for Wednesday 20th July 2016 at the (Cubana Suites) and will serve as a platform to introduce the DT FOUNDATION, the upcoming Fashion Week in Amsterdam, Henna Ball and Award Night And  The Grand event -African Fashion and Cultural  Week Abuja. It will hence host Press, Investors/Sponsors, Fashion Designers, Models, Exhibitors, Buyers, Retailers, Media, Fashion Influencers and Business Tycoons.  









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