Reasons you should never date your friend’s sister.


Dating is cool, but dating your friend’s sister could be close to social circle because things may get ugly and awkward in the long run. The brother gets involved and it can lead to complications in friendship if things don’t go too well. You and your friend are perfect for each other in the sense that you have same sense of humour, you share each other’s clothes, your house is his house, and your family is his second family so you see why dating your friend’s sister may be cumbersome?

Dating your friend’s sister is way a long way ‘out of the comfort zone’ and I know many of us will agree on that.
Now, let’s take a look at some scenarios.

  • Guy’s discussion when they meet: This is it; when guys that are friends meet the things they talk about range from politics, football, and entertainment gist and of course girls. This is where the gist becomes colorful and the most envied dudes are the ones with the most adventurous stories to tell about their conquest and how they go about achieving them. Gist like this are the bread and butter of guys; now imagine if one of these friends is dating a sister to one of them, would he have the mind to say stuff he does privately with her in front of his friend and the other guys.
  • Visiting: Okay; time to visit, who are you going to hang out with when you go to the house? Your friend? The sister? Or both of them? Now you see how awkward this could be? You can never be free to express yourself in that position.
  • In the middle: By dating your friend’s sister, you will always support your friend in a fight with his own girlfriend even when you know genuinely that he is wrong. That’s what you get  for dating his sister.


By Maimuna Bagudu