‘Self’ is a reflection of your own consciousness. It is who you are and it is what you have made out of who you are.
What you make out of yourself is your ticket to a quality life that you desire and I am not talking about the cosmetic front we put up before people; I am talking about your personality.
It is a carrier of all that you think and see of you. Sometimes, we do not really pay the right attention to the reflection of the person we see in the mirror.
The person you are is the person you see in front of the mirror behind closed doors when no one is looking at you and trust me, that’s the person you need to work on.
Let’s dig in a little by breaking down self reflection, which comprise the underlisted components:
This is the first step to knowing the truth about yourself. Like it or not, this step will help you to have a clear perception of your personality like your strengths, emotions, weaknesses, values, beliefs, thoughts and what motivates you.
As an individual, you must recognize who you are and the difference between you and your environment. You must learn to place value on You and realize that no matter how much you are being told you look or act like someone else, that you are uniquely made and cannot be duplicated.
Honestly, you need to take control of your life, becoming aware of who you are and this will guide you into taking charge of the outcome of your life. Make sure to set goals for yourself and make choices in line with your goals because the choices you make will determine how far or how close you are to your goals.
As humans, we should have a bit of modesty in all we do. Allow yourself into things that you are passionate about. It’s no crime to pamper yourself but never indulge in something bad just to keep yourself happy, that’s not being nice to yourself. Laugh out loud, listen to yourself, treat yourself nicely; don’t be too hard on yourself.
Never ever let low self esteem rob you off of your potentials. Always have a mindset of your own; always remind yourself that you are as important as anyone else out there and the value you place of yourself will determine the value others will place on you. Love yourself. No one will love you 100% other than you. Take note of that.
This is one part I need to stretch on. NEVER EVER PITY YOURSELF. When things don’t go well as planned, don’t feel let down and worried, don’t throw a pity party to have people come pity and rescue you. Awful things happen. It’s not the end of the world. When life throws stones at you, pick them up and build a castle. In that way, you are respecting yourself.
Always remember, you can’t love yourself less…… keep being you, and keep loving and growing you.


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