Seven (7) unique health benefit of honey.



1 contain a variety of nutrients.

Honey is especially pure sugar with no fat and only trace amount of protein and fiber.

2 rich in antioxidant.

Antioxidant helps neutralize reaction oxygen species (ros) in your body with can build up in cells, and cause damage, it help to cure diabetes and heart disease.

3 better for blood sugar level than regular sugar.

Researchers have found that honey may increase level of adiponection, and a hormone that reduce inflammation and improve the skin.

4 may improve heart health.

According to one review honey may help lower blood pressure, it also improve blood fat level, and regulate your heartbeat, it prevent the death of healthy cells.

5 promote burn and wound.

Honey used to heal wounds and burns, the practice is still common today, it also cure ulcer and other skin conditions.


6 may help suppress coughing.

Coughing is a come problem to everyone, it helps to cure coughing, infection, and so many things in the body and improve sleep quality.

7 easy to add to your diet 

Eating large quantity of honey  especially over a long period of time can contribute to weight gain and weight loss, it increases your risk of diseases.