School is supposed to be a place where children learn and grow in safety. But millions of girls in Africa are subjected to sexual harassment by teachers and lectures demanding for sex as a condition of giving them grades. The hierarchical and gendered power relations within universities have naturalized a sexual contract which some male academics consider a right to demand sex from female students in return for grades.

Girls are forced to have sex with their lectures in order for them to graduate with good grades. These practices of transactional sex involve spatial and cognitive injustice as they contribute to social pressures for women reflexively to minimize their visibility and academic performance. The construction of female sexuality as a commodity and an object of barter also produce’s negative female learner identities. If women fail, this is evidence of lack of academic abilities and preparedness for higher education. If they achieve, this is attributed to women’s ‘’favored’’ position in gender academic markets.

Beautiful Tozali readers lets here your view on this; SEX for Grades.

Whose fault? The female students or the lectures?

By Maimuna Bagudu