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Touching the soft skin of a lady is something that many men like the thought of because it is the softness that makes men love their ladies all that much more. And for the ladies we also like our men to have soft skin; even if we like a rugged look and rough, strong hands, there are still parts of a man that feels nice when it is tender and silky smooth. Soft skin is achievable by everyone with easy self care methods. You can use these methods on yourself and get your man to try them too so that he will notice the difference soft skin will bring to his life.

You’ll be happy to learn that having amazing skin does not mean you have to have plastic surgery or spend a ton of money on expensive products. One of the things you must do for soft skin is to get sun protection. If you are a smoker, you should stop immediately. Be sure to eat blueberries as well as other fruits that have vibrant colors and are full of antioxidants. For instance, deep red, green and yellow vegetables are perfect for you.

Avoid foods with a lot of salt and stay away from fries and chips, or foods that retain water because, when you are retaining fluids your cellulite can appear a lot worse than you originally imagined.

You can choose to go to a dermatologist and check to see exactly what your skin needs to keep it soft, fresh and glowing. Still, beware of the products you choose to use, because the selection of skincare should meet the needs of your skin to avoid irritation and allergies. But there are fundamental things to know about how to get soft skin that simply come in these eight easy steps:

1. Drink Plenty of Water: This is the easiest thing to do. Your skin is also thirsty since it’s always exposed to different environmental elements including temperatures.

The major cause of dry skin is lack of water in the body because it lacks hydration which is needed by the skin in order to secrete moisture. Therefore, drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily does not only give you health benefits, but it also feeds the skin to help keep it soft and gentle.

2. Exercise Regularly: Retaining a healthy and fit body is another way to get soft skin. Regular exercise does away with adverse energies in your body along with undesirable toxins that are excreted through the skin.

Sweating during your workout is great because it lets your pores function correctly and is a passageway for moisture. Excreting the wastes in your body through sweating allows your skin to bring out its natural glow.

3. Keeping Away from Direct Heat and Sunlight: Your skin needs protection from UV rays from the sun. These ultra violet (UV) rays destroy active skin cells because of heat. Plus, exposure to the sun’s UV rays causes dry skin as it dehydrates the nutrients the skin needs to keep it soft and moist.

4. Wear sun-block: Be sure to wear sun-block/sunscreen if you’re going to step outside of your house. One of the reasons babies have such soft skin is that they haven’t been exposed to the harmful effects of UV rays.

5. Exfoliate: Exfoliate once a week or once a fortnight if you have sensitive skin. It will remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil and will leave your skin baby soft! You can do this with an exfoliating puff, exfoliating shower gloves or with an exfoliating scrub (store bought or hand made).

6. Pat dry with a big fluffy towel: Don’t rub or scrub – this damages your skin and also creates wrinkles later on in life.

7. Apply lotion, cream or body oil before you leave the bathroom: This is the best time to moisturize your skin because your pores are still open and your skin is still moist.

8. Put some moisturizer: Apply moisturizer on your legs, arms, any area in which you want to be softer, and put tights/pantyhose (for legs), gloves (for arms), and leave it on overnight (putting pantyhose over your body locks moisture in and leaves your skin soft and creamy!) and be prepared to take a shower the next morning!

Following these eight easy steps will naturally keep your skin smooth and soft. However, if you apply skincare creams and lotions, make sure they are free of harmful synthetic chemicals.

Just remember, you want to hold onto your soft, healthy and naturally beautiful skin. Read the product’s label and look for ingredients such as: Phytessence Wakame, known as the Japanese “beauty preserver” because, its natural and powerful antioxidants have the ability to keep your skin looking youthful.

Now it’s time to start practicing these basic steps on how to get soft skin and discovering the natural substances found in skin smoothing cream products. Continue examining safe, healthy and effective ingredients and find natural skincare which helps your skin remain naturally soft and glowing.


Home-made Exfoliation: Wash face with warm water. Then, make this exfoliation serum: 2tbsp honey, 2tbsp brown sugar, and half a lemon into a small bowl/container, mix, and rub into skin for five minutes. For additional softness, wait an extra 10-15 minutes before rinsing with warm water, and patting dry.

1. For particularly rough dry areas such as feet, knees & elbows lather on some lotion or body oil before you go to bed, when you wake up they will feel a whole lot better.

2. Drink half your weight in ounces of water every day. For example, if you weigh 140 lbs, you should drink 70 ounces of water every day; this will keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.

3. Take a daily multivitamin to help your skin fight off damage and wrinkles.

4. Gentle, pH balanced, soap free body wash is best for your skin; soap can be very drying & contains a lot of chemicals that can damage skin cells.

5. Add a handful of sugar (brown sugar works best) to your favorite lotion and mix. Rub it into your dry skin and then towel it off.

6. Try a milk & honey bath for a luxurious way to baby soft skin, run yourself a warm bath, add about half a litre of milk, about 3 tablespoons of honey (this is not enough to make you sticky) and break open a vitamin e capsule into the water.

7. Lemon juice mixed with honey and a little milk cream also leaves skin soft. After applying this lotion for 10 minutes, wash with cold water.

8. Sugar and olive oil mixed and rubbed gently onto skin leave you feeling soft.

9. Use Johnson’s baby lotion: your skin will be pampered and on the way to feeling and looking baby soft. Use cocoa butter to help skin become renewed.



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