Six Packing Life Hacks that will save you Space on your next trip


Traveling can be very exciting, what sometimes makes traveling boring is wondering how you can package your clothing to utilize space that will enable you pack your belongings conveniently without living any important thing behind

What often cross our mind is how to package all the essential clothing, shoes and cosmetic we will need while away, and possibly pack several other things you probably don’t need but can’t bear the thought of living them behind.

With these packing techniques, I believe you can pack as many clothes as possible with the tight confines of your bag, particularly, if you are taking lots of T-shirts and tops with you.

Utilize your Shoes- you may wonder how you can utilize your shoes to save space. Yes, your shoes are an excellent way to make use of every available space. First, you can roll your underwear and socks into any shoe by wrapping each shoe in a small cloth or plastic bag, then place each shoe tightly wrapped-up at the bottom of your box.

Start Rolling- surprise! Of course without any doubt, you can roll your cloths to utilize space in your bag. Rolling is the preferential packing method for saving space and also reduces wrinkles on clothes. You can start rolling by, laying your clothes out on a bed or table, then begin rolling into cylindrical shapes and pack tightly to prevent unraveling.

Master the Military style of Rolling- Military style of Rolling? What a name. This technique works best for T-shirts. Fold both sleeves inward and the bottom behind, and then fold each side of the shirt inwards towards the center, overlapping each other. Roll the entire shirt from top to bottom and use the two flaps to tuck in like a burrito.

Embrance the Clown-car style- Despite its name, this style of packing really does maximize space. You can try this process by laying your shirts out flat all with its arms hanging out of the suitcase, repeat the same process with jeans, leaving pant legs hanging out of the suitcase. Fold them on top of one another, tucking them in as you go.

Fold from front to back- Folding from front to back is an option you can try if rolling does not work for you. Try the filing method. Just imagine your clothing as a file in a filing cabinet. Stack each carefully folded item vertically, from front to back; you will easily be able to see the clothing put in place on your arrival.

Use re-sealable Bags- Re-sealable bags enables you to keep similar items together in your box. Separate your cosmetics, hair products and accessories and place each item from each category into a separate bag, tuck the bag in the side corner of your box or in a zippered outside pocket.