Slay in a flare skirt


Fashion is mute until you give it a voice. How you dress and accessorize it, when, how and where you wear a particular outfit matters. The flared skirt has been trending for a while now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It is versatile, ever-trendy, and universally flattering. Fitted at the waist and flared out into an A-line silhouette, (reminiscent of a figure skating outfit—hence the name!)this classic staple comes in an endless array of fabrics, colours, and patterns, meaning there’s a version out there to suit every personality and solve any wardrobe malfunction. The flare skirt can be rocked in various ways whether you want to go for the sportier look or you prefer a more lady like appearance. Looking good in a flared skirt is all about choosing the right fit and flare for your body type. Make sure the fitted side of your skirt is not too tight (this is usually almost the band). 

So, in case you’re wondering how you can wear these flared skirts and look super gorgeous in them, here are some suggestions.

Wear with a belt – flared skirts tend to give the illusion that the wearer has a tinier waist because of the way it flares outwards and away from the body. If you want to maximize the effect of this illusion, you can wear your top tucked in and then put a belt on around the waist. If you are curvy and want to conceal it, you can wear a slightly longer top and keep it untucked then put the belt on your shirt, around the waist.

Business casual – if you want something that’s casual but polished and sleek, wearing your flared skirt with a button down shirt and a pair of nice heels, will give you a business casual look and do the job for you.  You can wear this look to work or to a lunch meeting. The basic flare skirt is a nice choice for this outfit combination but if you want something dressier and more feminine, you can go for either a full flare skirt.

For heels go for pointy stilettos, they fit perfectly. It requires heels to give a more elongated and chic look, so always pair with fabulous heels to give the perfect effect.

Also pairing a short mini flared skirt with turtle neck and off-shoulder tops are absolutely fab. They can also be paired with any other tops, from shirt, to fitted tank top or even fitted t-shirt. You can never go wrong with these tops over a flared skirt. 

Flared skirts give off a certain illusion which can be maximized by tucking it in, for ladies that have bulging forms wearing a spandex gives the perfect figure. 

Wear bright colours to stand out from the crowd and you will surely turn heads. 


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