Some wiered ancient customs that have survived into the 21st century


When you tour round the globe you’ll be shocked at some of the things that people do in the name of culture and tradition. While some of these cultural practices may appear irrational and even dangerous to the foreigner, but the owners of these traditions cherish them. Getting to know what is important and close to the hearts of people helps to create understanding and unity around the globe. Below are some ancient customs which are still being practiced in the 21st century in some parts of the world:

   1.                         Throwing Babies from a Tower for Good Luck

                   For 500 years, worshippers at a Muslim shrine in western India have continued the tradition of throwing babies from a 50-foot tower for good luck. Children are taken to the top of the building, thrown down onto a bed sheet held tightly by men 50 feet below and quickly passed through the crowd to their mothers. The parents proudly throw their children due to a strong belief that the practice of this ritual blesses their offspring with good health, luck, courage and long life. The annual celebration is observed by Muslims and Hindus in the Indian state of Maharashtra, and it also takes place in smaller villages in the country.

2.     Rolling Over Leftovers of Food Partaken By Brahmins

The practice, said to be 400 years old, involves people rolling over plantain leaves containing leftover of meals consumed by Brahmins in the belief that all troubles and aliments will be cured.

3             Carrying Pregnant Woman over Coal

Here’s the weirdest of Chinese cultures according to which, a husband should carry his bride over a pan of burning coals before entering their home for the very first time. Myth says that this strange custom is performed to ensure she will have an easy and successful labour.

4.          Kidnapping the Bride

It sounds illegal, doesn’t it? But the Romanians have carried out this tradition for centuries. This tradition of snatching the bride from under the nose of the groom and guests, while the wedding party is in full swing, is still getting massive popularity in the Romanian capital. Some friends of the groom would decide to kidnap the bride. The ransom is all about few bottles of whisky or perhaps something more romantic. In these modern times, the people who kidnap the bride negotiate via phone. This tradition is harmless and is well celebrated as a risqué fun to nuptials.

If you happen to tour around the globe, explore numerous cultures and traditions having some very unique traits. Cultures represent geography, identity, lifestyles and much more. There can be several hidden mysteries behind those weird cultures that still need to be explored.



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