Spice up Your Home with New Curtains


A curtain is a hanging piece of fabric used to shut out light from a window, door, or a room in order to increase privacy.
Curtains can be used in blocking out light and sound, heat and cold. They are also decorative and add personality to a room.
Now the question is, how can curtains beautify your home? Curtains create special effects in the home. They do this by adding colour, light or making the room look spacious.
Depending on the length, they create a casual, relaxed, and informal mood or a more dignified, dressy, and formal mood.
We think of everything ranging from colour, to style, décor and accessories when dreaming up our image of a perfect home. Yet we often tend to ignore some of the little things that ultimately make the biggest difference. Window curtains definitely fall into this category and do not generally get the attention they deserve. One of the easiest ways to change a room’s look is by adding new curtains to a window.
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing, hanging and decorating your home with curtains;
Hanging your curtains: Dress up a boring curtain rod with decorative filials that fits in with the rest of your room, or choose wooden rods that reflect the rest of your furniture. Before you purchase, make sure you measure your windows properly, so your curtains are hanging to the right height on them.
Materials are important: There are many different materials and fiber combinations that you can use for your curtain but you should choose materials that are fade resistant, especially if the room gets a lot of light, which is common in rooms facing the south.
Tie in the design: While you may not realize it, it is very important to tie the curtain in with the theme. This does not mean that you have to play it safe and make the curtains match perfectly but they should not clash with the décor. Make sure that the materials reflect the materials in the room, the colour works with your colour palette and the thickness of the material works with the feel of the décor. The last thing you will want is a heavy drape in a light and airy design space.
Don’t be afraid of playing around with colours when it comes to beautifying your home. When you use dull colours, the atmosphere will not be nice and friendly, because the way we decorate our surroundings affect our mood.
Remember to always sketch out the window area and draw in the drapes before you go out and purchase them lest you purchase the wrong curtains.

By Mercy Kukah


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