Style tips on Red carpet


The Red Carpet is always a place for excitement, fashion displays and lots more. In every event we all look forward to the red carpet rush hour, when our celebrities show up in their best and fans always
scream for attention, autographs or pictures. And as always the press is there to get the best shots until a celebrity shows up without one of these:

A proper dress
This happens almost all the time. A celebrity shows up all dressed up with almost all of her body parts flashed to our faces. This is totally embarrassing and shocking to everyone most especially the red carpet host, at some point he/she will not be able to look at the star during an interview on the red carpet.

A Pair of shades
A lot of people will ask what the big deal is and a lot wonder why celebrities wear shades on the red carpet. Well, some could be tired, have had little sleep, too much alcohol or had too many weed to smoke. So the shades covers the not- too –good- look, add some confidence and swag to the celebrity.


A proper Make Up
This part really gets messy most times because the red carpet is heavily lit with lots of light that ooze out heat through the rays. When a celebrity begins to sweat just before his/her first interview, when it gets to the forth interview she begins to run away because the heat is too much. Sweat mingles with heavy makeup becomes totally messed up. And the celebrity ends up looking like a Christmas goat instead of the beauty queen. Makeup for men usually tie with their big neck jewelries especially when mixed with gold and silver it doesn’t look so good to the eye as the wearer will end up shining like the sun, so it’s better not to mix the two. If it is good, let it be Gold only and same for silver.


Wrong Shoes
This could occur as a mistake or a deliberate act just to attract attention. Wearing a ball gown and a pair of sneakers is wrong. Sometimes shoes heels are just too high for the celebrity to move on. She ends up limping like someone suffering from an accident. This movement damages your presence on the red carpet.


A Smile
Yes! Not every day is full of happiness. But fans don’t get that. They are interested in seeing their models happy no matter what and smiling back at them. A simple smile checks out everything else. It brightens the clothes and make ups and brings out the beauty in every one. So get your smile on at every red carpet session. It helps!

By Maimuna Bagudu


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