Stylish Ways to Rock Ankara Kimono Jackets


Over the years, the Nigerian fashion industry has grown beyond what it was years ago and is not slowing down as new fashion trends keeps popping up frequently. One clothing material that stands among all the clothing materials used for designing fashion outfits is the Ankara fabrics. The importance, uniqueness and versatility of the Ankara cannot be overemphasized as it has been used to create outfits that are versatile.  Gone are the days where the Ankara African was used to only create traditional African styles like iro and buba, wrapper, skirt and blouse that were not practical for everyday use. Now, all thanks to the evolving  fashion industry, ladies are now seen rocking Ankara kimono jackets, Ankara official jackets, Ankara pants to mention but a few.

Today, it is very difficult to see an African that does not have a few Ankara outfits in their wardrobe. People now use Ankara to make different kinds of fashionable items like bags for men and women, shoes, jewelry, key holders, notebook cover, furniture and much more. The name Kimono however is a Japanese word that means clothing. But in the last few years, Kimono is now no longer used to specifically refer to the traditional Japanese clothing but rather some open loose
dresses that are great pieces of fashion items every lady should have in her wardrobe. Kimono dresses are so versatile when it comes to the kind of outfit
you can wear them with. They are mostly paired with body fitted outfit, gown, trouser, skirt, tank top, leggings and much more. This is to make the jacket prints stand out and more flattering.
The Ankara kimono jackets are breezy jackets that fits all irrespective of size or shape. It can also be used to make a fashion statement with the way you combine it with the rest of your outfit, with the colour you make it with or with the way it’s designed.

By Mercy Kukah



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