‘I took a blood vow with my late boyfriend; now his spirit haunts me’


A lady shared her story of how she took a blood oath with her boyfriend, swearing to each other that none will ever leave nor break each other’s heart. But after sometime her boyfriend died and she is left not only with a broken heart but also in serious troubles because her late boyfriend’s ghost wouldn’t just let her be. It has gotten to the extent that people think she is going insane, but she is the only one who knows what she is going through.

Below is her story.

Disclaimer: Names of people and places have been changed to protect the privacy of the persons involved.

My name is Esther and as I write this, my life is in great danger and if nothing is done on time, I could either run mad or end up committing suicide because I am at my wit’s end. People will say I actually dug my grave and allowed love to becloud my sense of reasoning but how was I to know that it would end up this way? If I knew the consequences of what would happen afterwards, I wouldn’t have made that drastic mistake of taking the blood oath.

I met Yusuf about five years ago and we fell in love. He was my first love and everything I did was to make him happy. He was the first man to see my nakedness, and the first time we made love felt like heaven. We were so much in love that many of my friends envy me and wished that Yusuf was theirs. But I always jokingly tell them ‘sorry he saw me first and there is nothing any of you can do about it neither can you come between us’

After a while, Yusuf suggested that we take a blood vow so as to bind us together till death do us part. Crazy and foolish in love as I was, I did not hesitate for fear that he could leave me for another girl. I quickly agreed not knowing that there could be a dangerous implication to the vow until he died two years ago in an accident on his way back to school.

I was devastated because I couldn’t imagine myself without him. I was miserable and I cried everyday wishing he could come back to me but deep down within me I know that is impossible. After a while, I started having trouble with sleep, because the moment I close my eyes I will see Yusuf. Since then, my life has never been the same as his spirit keeps appearing to me and tormenting me. At the initial stage, he came in my dreams and he would be dripping blood and begging me to follow him. Then the apparitions became more brazen as he would appear to me in broad daylight, telling me never to leave him, reminding me of the vows we took while he was alive.

Even when I tried to go into another relationship, Yusuf’s spirit has refused to let me be. In the past, he would just be crying and begging me to go with him but in the past seven months or so, he would forcefully have sex with me, always reminding me that I belong to him and any man who tries to sleep with me would die.

My parents have taken me to many places, including spiritual churches and even native doctors but none has been of help.

I feel hopeless and sometimes I think the only way out is just for me to die. How was I to know that taking blood oath will make me miserable? I was only in love and naïve; now I am regretting my actions.

How do I free myself from my dead boyfriend?


By Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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