Top 5 must-watch Kannywood movies of 2017


The cinema of Northern Nigeria informally called Kannywood is a movie industry mainly based in the commercial city of Kano State. In recent times, the Hausa movie industry has been producing a lot of ground breaking movies that caught lots of acclaim both within and outside the country.

2017 has come to an end; so it’s now time to look back at the most entertaining movies of the year which shouldn’t be missed.

Here are our five must-see Kannywood movies of the year.

“Safara” is a movie that explores the existence of human trafficking in the Northern Part of Nigeria.

The movie features Aina’u Ade, Ali Nuhu, Abba El-Mustapha, Ladidi Fagge, Jamila Nagudu and Isa Isa.


One of the most talked about Kannywood movie of 2017, “Mansoor” tells the story of Mansoor and Maryam, who become intimate in school, but a group of Bullies wouldn’t let them be.

One day, a clash between them lead to the expulsion of the bullies. The latter exact revenge, leading to an unexpected chain of events. The movie features Ali Nuhu, Maryam Yahya and Baballe Hayatu.

Directed by Yaseen Auwal, “Rariya” tells the story of some northern Nigerian school girls. It portrays how the rich and poor come to play the same game and how they fared. It depicts current trends in fashion, the tech-savvy young generation and various exploits in academics and Vanity Fair.

The award-winning film stars Rahama Sadau, Ali Nuhu, Hafsat Idris, Maryam Booth, Fati Washa, Sadiq Sani Sadiq among others.

“Auren Manga
With an ensemble that includes Hadiza Gabon, Suleiman Yahaya and Falalu Dorayi, “Auren Manga” delivers a heartwarming comedy movie every Kannywood lover should see.



“Kalan Dangi”
A story about love, lies and fame, this 2017 Kannywood film features Ali Nuhu, Aminu Momo, Fati Washa and Sadiq Sani Sadiq.

If u understand and speak Hausa well why not try and watch these movies. You will definitely love them.

By Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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