Top Kannywood Actors to Storm Ghana For Sallah


Top Kannywood actor, Zaharaddeen Sani, and actresses Halima Ateteh and Jamila Nagudu head to Ghana for Sallah Celebrations.

The actors, according to Zaharaddeen Sani, are going to honour the invitation of some of their fans in Ghana who requested that they come and entertain them during the Sallah break.

Ghanaians are big fans of Kannywood films. According to report from Premium Times, Sani who spoke to a reporter said they will leave Nigeria for Ghana today Friday the 23rd of June, 2017.

“The three of us are going to be performing in different concerts in Ghana during the Sallah celebrations. This is also the only way to tell our millions of followers in Ghana that we are together and have them in everything we do over here in Nigeria.”

Source: Premium Times


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