Tozali Girl-child and Women Foundation:  Women Empowerment and Food Intervention Project Gombe, 2019 . Phase 1 

Tozali Girl-child and Women Foundation:
Women Empowerment and Food Intervention Project Gombe, 2019 . Phase 1
Tozali Girl-child and Women Foundation is an initiative of Tozali Magazine . The foundation was created with the aim of improving the life of women and the girl child through its intervention projects and programs. So far,  the organization has touched the lives of many women including the internally displaced persons in the north.
It’s latest intervention and empowerment project took place recently in the city of Gombe, where Tozali Foundation touched the lives of over 500 people through its various interventions.
0n the 6th of April 2019, Tozali Magazine through its NGO, TGWF; empowered over 250 women and internally displaced persons across Gombe local government area and some neighboring towns in Gombe state. The foundation donated and presented entrepreneural Items / equipments and business start up  capital to less privileged women in Gombe IDPs. The women empowered by the scheme include tailors, farmers, house wives and other small scale entrepreneurs. They  received  donations of the items to start up new business ventures while in some cases, to recapitalise already existing ventures. The items received by the women are sewing machines, grinding machines, keke NAPEP, water pumps for farmers, rice thrashers, rice rippers, and power tillers for farmers.
Teachers working in girls schools were also  gifted with motor cycles by the foundation, in order to motivate them to do better; in imparting knowledge to the girl-child who are in need of education.
The NGO had also donated over 30 tons of food items which was also shared to over 1300 women. Donations of food items were also made to orphanages, homes for cripples, special schools, prisons and IDPs .
The NGO went further and paid for the release of some female prisoners who were in prison because of their inability to pay pending penalties to courts.
The foundation in its hope to make life more comfortable for prisoners, which they found at a very poor state during their visit to Gombe prisons, renovated the dilapidated drainage of the prison’s yard.
As they say, pictures don’t lie. You may flip through the pages to see the efforts made my the NGO to improve the lives of women in Gombe.