Valuable things to always carry in your wallet


As we all know, a wallet is a small flat folding case, usually made of leather or plastics which holds paper money and credit cards which is carried in a pocket or purse. This little but valuable accessory have been in use for a long time, especially by women. In these times, it has become an accessory any man or woman must have. So, apart from being well dressed you can as well as have a classy wallet to show off your high taste and create a good impression. Here are list of some valuable things to always carry in your wallet.

ATM CARDS:  is one important item one must have in a wallet. You never can tell; you might go for shopping and run out of cash and you still have something important you want to buy. With your ATM in your wallet, you can quickly get cash from a nearby machine or pay with the POS

NATIONAL ID CARD OR DRIVERS LICENSE: Is another important item you need to have in your wallet. They serve as a means of identification in case you run into trouble and also a means of getting information in case there’s a case of accident or a crime.


COMPLIMENTARY CARDS: Meetings are opportunities to give out business cards; so make it a habit to carry your business cards in your wallet to makeconnections and create business networks.






AN EXTRA SIM CARD: a spare SIM card is important in your wallet. Who knows, you might misplace your phone or lose it. But with an extra SIM card you can easily get a new phone at a nearby shop to make contacts.

A PEN OR A PENCIL: It is important to have a small wallet pen just in case you need to jot something down. You might think your phone can do that, but you might have a low battery. You might want to write down an important number or information.

By Maimuna Bagudu


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