Ways to instantly spices up your wardrobe.


Every lady can relate to that moment in time when she suddenly feels like she needs a wardrobe change. It happens so suddenly; one day you’re the fliest girl in the room and the next day the clothes that once felt oh-so sexy and fabulous; now feel utterly plain and ordinary. It’s high time to scrap the old stuffs in your wardrobe and jump into the fun part of shopping.


  1. Blazers: Blazers are not only an instant wardrobe improvement, they’re a wardrobe must. Every lady should absolutely own at least one blazer for the simple reason that they can instantly change the appearance of an outfit. Watch your outfit go from businesslike to business casual just by putting on a blazer. So invest in a few blazers preferably in different colours aside the normal black if you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe and watch your clothes come alive. Also, don’t be shy to pair them with different fashion items and materials – shirts, chiffon, frilly tops, jeans, cropped pants, dresses, the works. In essence, just have fun with them!
  1. Colours: If you’re a neutral and pastels tone kind of girl, then now is the time to try out other more vibrant colours. Good thing is that bright colours are very ‘in’ at the moment so take advantage of this and play around with them. Get playing with several varieties of colours asides the regular black, brown or grey and pair them up with your tops and watch how a top that used to seem just ordinary suddenly comes alive. Also infuse colour in your choice of accessories like shoes, bags and belts.
  1. Prints: Prints may have first hit the fashion scene in the sixties, but they’re back with a bang! They’re the quickest way to add some colours to your wardrobe, plus they’re very trendy. Invest in a couple of print blouses and thank me later.
  1. Accessories:You’d be surprised at how much difference a neck piece can make to an outfit; so get on a few statement pieces and you’ll be the happier for it.  Don’t be afraid to play with colours and styles when it comes to accessories. Belts can also add a fascinating look to an outfit. Get a few skinny belts in several different colours and pair them up with your outfits as the need arises for a change of style. Cocktail rings, bracelets, earrings and even shoes and bags are not left out of the mix.
  1. Shoes:The saying goes that you can tell a lot about a person from their shoes. Shoes play a huge role in our general appearance and in many ways also affects our general appearance and general outfit which in turn affects our carriage.

In other words, the better our shoes, the better we feel about our outfit in general which reflects on how we carry ourselves. A lady wearing a pair of heels for instance walks in a careful way and with a certain air and grace about her as opposed to one wearing a pair of flat slippers. So, the moral of the story here is to get yourself a new pair of shoes and watch as your self-confidence gets a boost.

By Maimuna Bagudu



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