Ways to rock your jeans to work


Jeans has become a popular wardrobe wear that almost everyone owns. It’s easily the most owned piece of clothing all over the world, so why not incorporate this piece into a work wear. Note that you should only wear jeans to work if your office dress code doesn’t frown at it. Even on a casual work Friday, there are still ways to rock your jeans to work and still look official and classy.
Here are perfect steps to wear your jeans stylishly to work.

1. Wear bell shape jeans
It’s best to wear bell shape jeans to work in this way you look modest, attractive and presentable because bell shape jeans are free on the body and can be worn with cooperate shirts and blazers.

2. Style jeans with boyfriend blazer
A well made boyfriend blazer will add beauty to your jeans, it gives an impression that you want to look casual to work and still want to look cooperate at the same time. When you wear your jeans with the right type of jacket you will be classy and properly dressed for work.

3. Wear jeans with classic cuts
Wear jeans in classic cuts to work, but avoid jeans that are too tight and exposing so it doesn’t come off too attractive and inappropriate for work.

4. Pair jeans with a classic button-down shirt
To bring a work chic theme to the look, pair jeans with button down shirt. Collared button-down shirts are the trademark of a traditional office wear so this works perfectly.

By Maimuna Bagudu


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