Ways to stay stylish during the rainy season


The rains come with a lot of ‘messy’ bits, it’s usually not the normal season to play dress up but a stylish lady can do just about that (dress up!).

When it pours especially in Abuja without access to one’s personal car (horror) and in funny areas then dressing up can be a major task no matter how much of a stylish/fashion loving person you are, dressing up when it’s pouring heavily is a task but it shouldn’t have to be for the fashion loving during the rainy season.

Here are tips to still stay stylish during the rainy season:


  • Pick clothes with dark colors; black, brown, nudes

When it rains, put away the whites, pinks and other fancy feminine colours! Instead opt for outfits in blacks, browns and nudes. This way even when water splashes around, outfits won’t get stained or have funny mud splatters and the looks will ‘continue just chic’ throughout the day.


  • Time to wear leather and rubber shoes

Thank God for leather and rubber, this is the season where they become so useful to us If you ever had leather skirts and rubber shoes hidden away in the wardrobe the rainy season is the best time to style them up. Those leather skirts, pants, and rubber shoes and more are best worn when it’s raining. The great thing about wearing leather on a rainy day is it keeps the body cool as well as weather appropriate and of course any stain at all can be wiped off without sticking on them. But of course leather pieces should only be worn around these periods.


  • Throw on the kimonos (NOT the floor sweeping ones!)

Kimonos work during raining season. They can come as stylish cover ups that can help keep warm or add that fab look to your outfit. It’s best however to keep kimonos short or midi during the rains so the edges don’t end up wet and dirty



  • Choose the right fabrics

During the rainy season it is advised to wear more cotton they dry fast, just in case the rains get heavy. Silk fabric retains water and stains and when the water dries off it leaves funny patches on the fabric.

By Maimuna Bagudu