Wedding Mistakes “Tozali Brides to be” should avoid in 2018


It is the dream of every bride for her wedding to not only run smoothly but also truly unique. Planning your wedding is a very personal experience. Your wedding vision and style should be totally reflective of who you are and the special relationship you are there to celebrate and the importance of the journey you are about to begin.
When it comes to planning your wedding, the decisions you make should be ninety nine percent right.
Tozali have noticed some particular trends in previous brides that have now become overused, overdone, or are simply impractical for a stress-free wedding. With many to be brides relying on certain trends that will start to fade quickly. Or, worse trends that seem like a good idea at the time, but in reality can eventually lead to unexpected complications and logistical nightmares on the special day.
Tozali magazine is here to shine a spotlight on wedding trends every bride should avoid.
Heavy Makeup: Your wedding is one of the most photographed days of your life. Look your best in all those pictures by avoiding heavy makeup. Your wedding day is not a day to experiment with new makeup product or colour of lipsticks, choose tones that you feel comfortable with. Always look yourself on your wedding day. Brides usually get too caught up in their special day and end up doing more than they would normally do. Natural lighting accentuates your natural beauty, so keep
it light and fresh. Always remember that your wedding pictures are going to be on display for many years.
Too much Henna Design: Henna is a great way to create designs on your skin without the permanent effects of a tattoo. Brides traditionally get their palms and feets done one or two days before their wedding. What to be brides should take note of is that, you actually don’t need intricate henna design in areas that will be covered by clothes and bangles. Consider having a lighter and simple design and if possible no design at all for areas that will be covered while saving the intricate design for where it will be seen. Remember there is no erasing in henna and it takes great care and patience to get all the proportion right.
Too much accessories: Let the colour of your gown guide your choice and never let your accessories outline you. Stick with a few key pieces rather than accessorizing every part of your body. Feeling confident in what you are wearing is the best accessory of all.
Flashy Colours: As you brainstorm colour scheme and wedding décor, keep in mind that there are certain tricks to coordinating a beautiful and cohesive palette that fits your unique aesthetic. Narrowing your palette to a few colours will also keep elements like your centerpieces from looking too messy. Another way to approach it is to keep your colour options open until you find a venue you love.

By Mercy Kukah